Throw Back Thursday: My Grandfather


Throw back Thursday to the heart my Grandfather's 1951 printing business.*

It still stands today as an empty building in the heart of a little town in southern Minnesota. My dad has many memories growing up there helping out at "dad's shop"> My grandfather worked hard to provide a living for his family. Many people ask where my "business mind" or "entrepreneurial spirit" comes from. Well, besides it being a gift from the Lord and whole lotta hard work, it comes from here. 

You see, I come from a long line of entrepreneurs on both sides of my family. My parents are both entrepreneurs, and their parents were, and so were their parents! AND so are my siblings. (I'm not sure we could run from it if we tried. It's ingrained in us!  Though I have no formal fashion or design history/experience, I've been raised to believe in hard work, a creative mind and the motto that "you can achieve anything you set your mind to". I'm thankful to the Lord everyday that he gave me this "accidental company"...though in all actuality not accidental, but HIS plan all along. Daily I work my tail off (we all do).. Its fun, fulfilling, challenging and most importantly making an impact in the world. It's what I was born to do.

I want to challenge you today with a question to ask yourself... Are you doing what you were born to do? If not, what is holding you back?

*I'm so thankful I was able to take our daughter here several years ago to meet her great grandma before she passed. God has a way of arranging things like that. Love pieces of history and how they impact us today.

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