Staff Favorite: The Perfect Fit Tank Top



This is the tank top that does live up to its name, The Perfect Fit Tank.

A staff favorite here at Grace and Lace, there isn't a single employee who doesn't own at least one of these tanks.  It truly is a one size fits all top. 


This isn't your average tank top. It is seamless, ultra-stretchy, and buttery soft.

It is made of the most silky soft fabric that not only stretches perfectly, it stays put. Don't you hate when your fitted tanks or shirts roll up at the hem or pill in the wash? This tank top does neither. It looks as good as the first day it was worn, even many months and many washes later.


The Perfect Fit Tank works as a stand alone top for the summer.  It pairs beautifully with shorts for a casual look or can be dressed up with a maxi skirt.  For the the more adventurous among us, and let's admit it young, stretching the tank top down creates a slip like dress that can be worn alone or underneath our Crochet Lace Tunic.  

Crochet Lace Tunic 

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